By: Anthony Morelli

Joe Biden is furious after Kamala Harris accidentally leaked the plan.

Now the whole world knows what Biden and Harris are about to do.

And gun owners are in an uproar after Kamala Harris admitted that she plans to confiscate all guns.

Anti-gun Democrats always try to downplay their gun control ambitions by saying that they don’t actually want to take away all guns, they just want “common sense regulations” and things of that nature.

Of course, this is complete nonsense. Over the past few years, the mask has lifted on what their plans really are.

First, Beto O’Rourke announced while he was running for president that he was going to round up all AR-15s in this country and have them taken away.

Now Kamala Harris is calling for an Australia-style gun grab in the United States in the wake of the Lewiston, Maine mass shooting.

Australia, of course, famously had one of the biggest gun grabs in the world, and the government confiscated nearly all of the guns in the country.

That would be wildly unconstitutional in the United States, but that’s not stopping Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

According to Fox News, “Vice President Kamala Harris lauded gun control laws in Australia where citizens do not have a legal right to gun ownership and where a mass gun confiscation took place in the 1990s, during a speech Thursday.

“Harris said Australian gun laws proved that mass shootings do not have to be a regular occurrence, during her remarks delivered at a State Department luncheon earlier in the day with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. Her comments came after a shooting in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday left at least 18 dead and more than a dozen injured.”

Harris almost certainly thought Americans wouldn’t hear about her comments, since she was at an event with the Australian prime minister.

She thought she could leak this information without any gun owners in the United States ever knowing. But she was wrong.

The article continues, “Australia’s crackdown on firearm ownership came in 1996 following a spate of widely-publicized mass shootings. The so-called 1996 National Firearms Agreement banned automatic and semi-automatic firearms, introduced firearm registration, established stricter storage requirements for all firearms, and tightly restricted non-military style semi-automatic rifles and shotguns purchases.

“The Australian government also initiated a mandatory gun buyback program that resulted in it collecting nearly 700,000 privately-owned firearms.”

This is the exact thing that Second Amendment advocates in the United States have been warning about for years, and Kamala Harris just came right out and admitted her plans.

She believes the Second Amendment shouldn’t exist and gun ownership should be a crime, and she wants to impose her radical anti-gun ideology on the entire country through a national gun grab.

Her biggest mistake, though, was admitting it publicly. Now gun rights advocates can organize and oppose her radical scheme.

Kamala Harris is hoping she can ban guns just like they did in Australia, and it will be up to gun owners and Second Amendment advocates to stop her.