By: Anthony Morelli

The anti-gun movement has taken a huge blow after a stunning FBI raid.

The Feds discovered deep ties with dangerous criminal organizations.

And now Joe Biden has a mess on his hands as this scandal gets worse by the day.

Baltimore is one of the most dangerous cities in America, and one group that supposedly was trying to help make things better was the “Safe Streets” program.

After all, who doesn’t want to have safe streets, especially in a city with as much violence as Baltimore has these days?

But there was more to this program than met the eye. For one, they were actually a Democrat-led gun control advocacy group.

And on top of that, they had deep ties with the very gangs that are making Baltimore such a dangerous city to begin with.

The FBI figured out what they were up to and decided to take action.

They raided the headquarters of this group and uncovered serious evidence of the misdeeds that they were up to.

Now Democrats have a PR nightmare on their hands as one of their most cherished gun control groups is revealed to be little more than a front for violent street gangs.

According to Bearing Arms, “There’s been a lot of concerns on the right regarding the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies being weaponized against conservative and libertarian groups and individuals. That’s not without at least some grounds, either. We’ve seen a lot of evidence suggesting that may be the case, particularly with regard to guns.

“However, a recent raid by the FBI is more than a little inconvenient to Democrats.”

A linked article from Western Journal goes into the dirty details of what actually happened: “The Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a raid on the headquarters of Baltimore’s ‘Safe Streets’ program on Thursday reportedly on allegations that the taxpayer-funded community program is somehow mixed up with the very gang members they are supposed to be keeping in check.

“The raid sent local Democrats in the city running for cover after so much of the city’s tax money has been plunged into the program that was initially meant to help quell street violence but has become an albatross for many over its lack of transparency and accountability.

“With crime still rising in Baltimore, Safe Streets was created in 2007 to work as a liaison between the city and police department and local gangs, according to the city’s webpage on the program.”

“The FBI has not yet released details to explain its Thursday raid on the program’s Belair-Edison location. Still, according to insiders who spoke to WBFF, the bureau was looking into possible gang affiliation.”

Clearly the Democrats who were running this program had no actual interest in making the streets safer.

They were working behind the scenes with the gangs, likely to benefit themselves in some corrupt way.

But now the mask has been lifted on this gun control program, and they are going to pay the price for their corrupt criminal ties.