By: Teresa Mull

As the fall election gets closer and closer, Democrats are working hard to get gun control passes before President Trump is re-elected. Dudley Brown, president of the National Association for Gun Rights, sent out this dire warning to supporters this week:

If we’re not vigilant, there are at least THREE anti-gun schemes that could be slipped into any of the final “deals” before Election Day or the September 30th legislative deadline.

*** NDAA “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation

Earlier this summer, House Democrats slipped in a “Red Flag” Gun confiscation provision into the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) targeting our nation’s service members.

Thankfully, the Senate did not follow suit, but all accounts are that this bill will be revisited in September where a final agreement will be struck.

*** $1.55 Billion ATF Budget Hike

That’s right. $1.55 Billion with a “B”.1

Frankly, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms shouldn’t be a government agency at all…it should be a convenience store!

Unfortunately, lawmakers are considering the largest expenditure of taxpayer funds to form the ATF’s largest gun control budget in history.

In fact, this year’s proposed $83 Million increase is the biggest raise the agency has seen since the Clinton administration.

*** Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Last year, this law expired when Nancy Pelosi and her ilk sought to hijack it by adding radical gun control that would actually DISARM women and victims of domestic assault.

The anti-gun left has been waiting for a convenient opportunity to tack it all in to a massive government bill as soon as they think they can get away with it.

Now, it’s no secret that anti-gun Democrats are using mass chaos, 2020 election hysteria, and 1000+ page spending bills in order to push their radical gun control agenda.

Thanks to your pressure so far this year — and especially over the summer — we’ve been able to stomp out any signs of gun control being added to any “deal” so far.

But with a COVID “deal” in the works next week and a major budget deadline of September 30th on the horizon, they’ll have at least two chances to pull a fast one on us.

And even though many experts predict they’ll just kick the can down the road on major gun control until after the elections, at least one lawmaker may be about to screw it all up for gun owners.

Last week Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), the Senate’s #2 Republican, indicated an openness to embrace gun control ahead of the November elections.

Speaking in Odessa, Texas, Sen. Cornyn told reporters, “We need to make sure that we eliminate unlicensed firearm dealers.”2

As GPM has reported repeatedly in the past, the Biden/Harris ticket would be the most anti-gun presidential duo in the nation’s history. Kamala Harris has declared in the past:

“Upon being elected I will give the United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws. And if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action. And specifically what I will do is put in place a requirement that for anyone who sells more than five guns a year, they are required to do background checks when they sell those guns. I will require that for any gun dealer that breaks the law the ATF take their license.”

Teresa Mull ( is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.