By: Teresa Mull

GPM reported earlier this month:

In Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, concealed carry permit applications are soaring.

The bad news is that this surge in concealed carry permits is putting so much pressure on the Allegheny County Courthouse that the earliest time these applicants can receive them is in November.

According to Pittsburgh’s division of CBS Local, upwards of 6,000 people are waiting in line for concealed carry permits. The sheriff’s office is currently scheduling online applicants in five-minute intervals. Although it’s processing 84 permits a day, the applications are delayed for months.

Sheriff William Mullen speculates that the increase in applications is due to the break down in social stability and the uncertainty brought about by the Wuhan virus pandemic.

“People (are) afraid of what’s going on in the country. The unlawfulness. The violent protests. They’re just really worked up about that,” said Sheriff Mullen.

Now, CBS Local reports:

The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office is set to hold two more drive-thru events where people can fill out paperwork for a ‘license to carry’ gun permit.

Appointments can be scheduled on the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office website.

Applicants who show up for their appointments will be asked to briefly exit their vehicle for a COVID-19 screening that will consist of temperature checks and a questionnaire.

After the temperature check and questionnaire, Sheriff’s Office personnel will then process their paperwork.

Upon approval of the paperwork, a license will be printed and delivered to the applicant’s vehicle.

Teresa Mull is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.