By: José Niño

Idaho has established itself as a bastion for the right to bear arms over the last decade.

From passing Constitutional Carry to its recent passage of Senate Bill 1025, a bill to ban the enforcement of executive orders coming from the Biden administration, Idaho has emerged as a beacon of hope for activists who want to restore the Second Amendment.

The latter is the latest pro-gun legislative item that the Idaho state government has approved under the leadership of Gov. Brad Little. Some of the executive actions that SB 1025 would defy include the Department of Justice’s latest effort to categorize several gun parts kits as firearms simply for having all the pieces needed to assemble a firearm.

AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News observed that the “executive actions are also expected to lead to DOJ action against AR-pistols with stabilizer braces.”

According to a report by KTVB, SB 1205 bans “Idaho government entities from upholding Biden’s March executive actions.”

What’s more, the Associated Press observed the bill featured “an emergency notice, meaning it went into effect with Little’s signature.”

Idaho has a track record of passing legislation that challenges the federal government’s efforts to violate the Second Amendment. Back in 2014, Gov. Butch Otter signed S1332 into law to nullify future federal gun control laws by banning state enforcement of any future federal laws that deal with firearms, firearm accessories, or ammo.

For its constant efforts to improve its gun laws, Idaho currently occupies an impressive 2nd place per Guns & Ammo magazine’s Best States for Gun Owners rankings.

With the recent passage of SB 1205, Idaho will remain a pro-Second Amendment stronghold. Second Amendment operatives would be wise to study Idaho’s example and try to replicate it in their own states should the political climate continue as it is.

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