By: Teresa Mull

Hundreds of gun rights supporters packed the Virginia Beach City Council to max capacity this week, WTKR3 reports.

According to the news station:

People attended to voice their opinions about the Second Amendment sanctuary, an issue that was being discussed inside the meeting despite not being on the agenda.
A Second Amendment sanctuary is when a jurisdiction adopts a resolution saying they won’t use resources to enforce certain gun control measures that they feel violate the Second Amendment.

Many people were wearing "Guns Save Lives" stickers at the rally.

Leaders with the group Virginia Citizens Defense League say they don’t want gun control imposed on law-abiding gun owners. President Philip Van Cleave and Executive Member Brendan Mooney addressed the passionate crowd.

Former Congressman Scott Taylor was among the supporters.

“I feel very strongly, very deeply about protecting the Second Amendment right,” said Taylor. "This is indicative about people who care about their Second Amendment rights. I guarantee you there are Republicans, Independents, Democrats, people who aren’t politically active but want to protect their families and their property, and that is why they are here and you are seeing this across the Commonwealth.”

Second Amendment sanctuaries continue to spread in Virginia and throughout the nation. WDBJ7 reported this week that, “Tuesday, (Board of Supervisors meeting in Roanoke County) passed their second amendment sanctuary resolution unanimously. It reaffirms the county’s support for the US and Virginia Constitutions, while acknowledging the county can’t do much when it comes to setting gun policy.”

Brenden Boudreau reported for GPM reported earlier this year:

With the possibility of complete Democrat control of the General Assembly, in conjunction with Democrat Gov. Northam, it’s even more crucial for gun owners to be political active this fall.

While it is likely that Democrats will make an all-out push for gun control during the 2020 legislative session if they gain complete legislative control, it is not a foregone conclusion that they will be successful.

Many of the districts in both the House and Senate that Democrats are looking to pick up will be highly competitive, meaning whoever wins those seats will be on tenuous grounds on Day One of the new legislature.

Taking radical positions on gun control and voting for anti-gun measures could lead to a very early retirement from electoral politics come the next election cycle.

It is a well-known fact that politicians are constantly thinking about their reelection. While that may sound dirty or unethical, it is to the advantage of grassroots activists that they be concerned with getting reelected.

Politicians realizing that voting against gun rights could cost them politically means that they may not be as likely to do so if they want to keep their job as an elected official.

Teresa Mull is editor of Gunpowder Magazine. Contact her at