By: Kayleigh Hamilton

One of the top gun grabbers had a rare moment of honesty.

She admitted what her plan really is.

And now anti-gun activists are racing to cover up what their true goals are.

Giffords is one of the top gun control organizations in America, named after its founder, Gabrielle Giffords.

She was a congresswoman from Arizona who was famously, and tragically, shot by a lunatic who should have been in a psych ward.

Thankfully, she survived the incident. However, ever since then, she has used this awful incident as an excuse to push the gun control agenda that she already supported.

She founded an organization named after her and has poured money into campaigns to support anti-gun candidates and push gun control legislation in Congress.

It has grown into one of the most powerful gun control lobbying organizations in America, on par with the power of the Brady Campaign and Michael Bloomberg.

The organization claims that it doesn’t want to ban all guns, it simply wants to put limits on gun ownership.

But the words of Gabrielle Giffords herself contradict this claim and shine a light on what they really want.

According to Bearing Arms, “As hard as the senior staff at Giffords may try to convince the public that the gun control group is only interested in a few ‘common sense’ and ‘reasonable’ restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms, there’s simply no getting around the fact that their founder is vehemently opposed to gun ownership altogether.

“The gun control group is using the Veteran’s Day holiday to push for ‘commonsense gun safety regulations’ on social media, and declared that ‘it’s not a binary choice of guns or no guns.’

“As several X users reminded the anti-gun organization, however, their own founder would disagree with that statement. According to Gabby Giffords, it is a binary choice, and she’s come down on the side of ‘no more guns.’”

Here is an excerpt from an article featuring an interview with Giffords a few years back: “Ambler, her aide and adviser, tries to clarify that she means no more gun violence, but Giffords is clear about what she’s saying. ‘No, no, no,’ she says. ‘Lord, no.’ She pauses another 32 seconds. ‘Guns, guns, guns. No more guns. Gone.’”

The Bearing Arms article goes on to say, “Elliott and Giffords’ aides did their utmost to downplay her remarks. At one point in his piece Elliott claimed that ‘even their [Giffords and husband Mark Kelly] biggest critics know better than to call them anti-gun activists’; an absolutely absurd assertion given that she told him her goal is ‘no more guns.’ He also helped cover for her when another aide tried to explain away her remarks.”

The damage is done to the gun control lobby, however. They have skated by for years on saying that their goal is just “common sense gun control.”

But Giffords’ words make it clear that their goal goes well beyond that. They want the American people to be disarmed, and all of the guns to be in the hands of the government.