By: Teresa Mull

Gun owners in Ohio are not sitting idly by and watching their gun rights disappear.

After the Ohio Supreme Court (OSC) proposed amendments that would make it easier for law enforcement officers to seize the firearms, ammunition, and concealed handgun licenses of citizens subject to a civil protection order (even without “sufficient nexus”), Second Amendment supporters made their voices heard, loud and clear.

Buckeye Firearms Association reports:

So many people took action, it shut down the Court’s email system. We told the Court that emails were bouncing and citizens could not share their comments. Hours later, we were informed, “Our IT department has fixed this problem. Public comments are coming into the inbox without further difficulty.” Soon, emails overwhelmed and shut down the system again. For a second time, we told the Court Ohio citizens could not make their voices heard.

So we provided phone numbers for the Court, and the flood of calls overwhelmed the switchboard, filled up the available voicemail, and for a third time we alerted the Court that people were unable to comment on the proposed rules.

We identified a defect with their proposed rules. You identified a defect with their system for public comment. Both are issues that will need to be addressed by the OSC.

According to the Buckeye Firearms Association, the proposed rule will be under review throughout 2019.

Teresa Mull is editor of Gunpowder Magazine. Contact her at [email protected].