By: José Niño

Gun Owners of America (GOA) teamed up with private defense contractor and 3D printable gunmaker Defense Distributed and JSD Supply, the world’s largest supplier of 80% receivers, to send a letter to the Biden administration regarding its attempts to excessively regulate these items.

Per a report by Politico, the Biden administration is considering several anti-gun measures to stay in the good graces of the Bloomberg network, which poured millions of dollars into Democrat races during the 2020 election cycle. One anti-gun proposal the Biden administration is putting forward is a plan to force individuals who buy unfinished frames and unfinished receivers to go through a background check.

In the letter that GOA, Defense Distributed, and JSD Supply crafted, they inquired about Biden’s Domestic Policy Advisor, Susan Rice, and Senior Advisor Cedric Richmond’s move to organize an anti-gun summit that starred leading anti-Second Amendment advocates from organizations such as Brady, Everytown for Gun Safety, Gifford’s, and Moms Demand Action.

In the letter, the pro-gun organizations argue that the event organizers did not bother to invite groups with opposing viewpoints, such as GOA. By keeping pro-Second Amendment voices from participating in this summit, the letter noted that the millions of lawful American gun owners’ voices have been suppressed. The concerned parties argued in the letter that the snubbed gun owner demographic will end up bearing the brunt of any new gun control policies implemented by the Biden administration.

The three organizations made it clear that there is “no federal prohibition on the manufacturing of a firearm for personal use.” In addition, the letter alluded to the Gun Control Act of 1968 to demonstrate that Biden can’t impose background checks for items that do not qualify as firearms.

Furthermore, the letter cited a well-established opinion set forth by the Biden administration’s ATF that these items do not fall under the category of a “firearm.” Back in January, the ATF outlined its interpretation of what constitutes a receiver. In addition, the ATF firmly asserted that Congress is the only entity that can change the definition of a firearm.

Overall, the organizations stood very firm and made it clear that they will be prepared to fight back should the Biden administration pull any kind of administrative schemes to gut the Second Amendment. Due to the razor thin majorities that Democrats hold in Congress, the Biden administration will likely turn to the bureaucracy to enact anti-gun policies. “Ghost guns” are currently a major boogie man for the anti-gun crowd, and they’re currently looking to make an example of institutions and individuals who manufacture, sell, or possess these items.

Agencies like the ATF are unaccountable to voters and work to undermine traditional legislative functions. Failing to keep them in check could result in substantial losses in freedom. States will perhaps have to nullify unconstitutional actions from the ATF, should Democrats realize that legislative means are not available, and instead, successfully get the ATF to enforce their civilian disarmament desires.

At this point, anything is possible. Again, preparation is key in an unpredictable political environment with an opponent who is willing to change the rules of the game on a whim. It’s inexcusable to get caught flat-footed against an enemy hell-bent on destroying freedoms.

Read GOA’s entire letter here.

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