Today is Thanksgiving – a day friends and family gather together to celebrate our many blessings.

The United States of America has been uniquely blessed with a heritage rich in liberty. The right to keep and bear arms is paramount to our nations’ safety and freedom, and many citizens, despite what the media would have us believe, still cherish this right and are thankful for its incorporation into the Bill of Rights.

GPM asked a handful of customers and employees at Grice Gun Shop in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, (the state’s largest gun store) their thoughts on the Second Amendment and why they are thankful for it.

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“The freedom it grants us ensures all the other freedoms in the Constitution.”
– Sadie H.

“A lot of people fought hard for it – all the way back to the Civil War. A lot of people forget that.”
– Ryan A.

“It allows me to protect myself.”
– Evan B.

“It’s nice to be able to shoot animals, and it’s there to protect yourself if you ever need it.”
– Bob G.

“The Second Amendment lets me participate in one of my favorite sports – target shooting."
– Mike M., competitive target shooter

“Guns are the great equalizer.”
– Chris B.

“It enables me to protect my family."
– Michael C.

“I just imagine how frightening it would be not to have the right to defend myself and to be afraid. Not every country is as fortunate as we are.”
– Rebecca M.

“As a law enforcement officer, I know the police can’t be everywhere, all the time. The Second Amendment allows citizens to protect themselves when cops can’t.”
– John M.