By: Teresa Mull

It’s true that there’s a lot of gun control being enacted across the country right now, and more pending legislation on the way, but not all is doom and gloom.

South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Kentucky all became Constitutional Carry states this year, and Idaho just expanded the Constitutional Carry law it already has on its books.

“While a majority of Americans support stronger gun laws, proposals have stalled repeatedly in Congress in recent years,” the Idaho State Journal reports. “And in Idaho, proposed legislation seems to be heading in the opposite direction: reducing restrictions.” reports:

Republican Gov. Brad Little signed a bill into law on Wednesday that will expand permitless concealed carry to adults 18-to-20 in Idaho’s cities.

The measure, HB 206, was approved in an easy 53-13 House vote while the Senate passed it last month 28-7. The bill fixes a carve-out in the state’s 2016 constitutional carry law that allowed those aged 21 and up to carry in Idaho’s cities, while adults under that age could only carry outside of city limits but apply for a permit for carry in urban areas after receiving approved training.

And a fun fact about Idaho, if you turn the outline of the state sideways, it sort of resembles a gun, as the people of observe:


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