By: Teresa Mull

David Chipman, whom the Daily Caller reports is a “senior policy advisor” for the anti-gun group Giffords, has made some disparaging remarks about the people purchasing a record-number of firearms.

During an interview with Cheddar, Chipman reportedly said:

“Those people who were first-time gun owners [should] secure that gun locked and unloaded and hide it behind the cans of tuna and beef jerky that you’ve stored in a cabinet and only bring that out if the zombies start to appear, and I don’t think they are.”

According to the Daily Caller, Chipman makes a theme of the zombie imagery. A Washington Times article quotes Chipman as saying:

“If we can imagine how horrible this crisis is … the people who hoarded the guns might decide six months from now – once they see no zombies around but they’ve run out of tuna and beef jerky – that they need the money to buy food.”

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