By: DJ Parten

While most Florida Republicans do nothing to advance gun rights despite their campaign promises, State Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-Lake County) continues fighting for the Second Amendment in Florida.

Sabatini recently filed House Bill 6083, which would repeal the anti-gun provisions passed in the 2018 Parkland bill, including “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation and the law banning 18, 19, and 20-year-olds from purchasing long guns.

Sabatini said on Facebook, “Fighting for the Second Amendment means ELIMINATING the unconstitutional laws that already exist. In this current political environment, red-flag laws will sadly be used to TARGET conservatives—they must be eliminated.”

Under the Red Flag law, government agents can petition a court for an “Extreme Risk Protection Order,” giving law enforcement the authority to seize a person’s firearms.

The massive issue with this is that the individual whose firearms are being seized never gets a chance to defend himself in court before they take his guns!

Making matters worse, the individual must go to court – after his guns have been confiscated – and attempt to prove his innocence.

This law turns the American judicial system on its head, effectively allowing the government to take punitive action against someone who hasn’t committed a crime and hasn’t had a day in court.

Since “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation became law in Florida in 2018, more than 4,000 petitions have been filed to strip guns away from citizens without due process.

You might wonder, “But this is protecting us from crazy people with guns, right?”


This violation of the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments is being abused by government agents across the state of Florida.

Sheriff Grady Judd in Polk County has attempted to “red flag” children as young as eight years old. Keep in mind that current law already prohibits possession of firearms by a minor.

The Parkland bill, SB 7026, was the largest gun control expansion in Florida history that passed with the support of 67 NRA A-rated Republicans.

It is up to the citizens of Florida to contact their lawmakers and demand they support pro-gun legislation like House Bill 6083.

Other pro-gun bills Rep. Sabatini has filed include:

· Constitutional Carry House Bill 123 to repeal the permit requirement to carry firearm and to repeal the prohibition on open carry

· The Emergency Gun Ban Repeal HB 6005 to repeal the law that allows local governments to ban the sale and possession of a firearm during a state of emergency for “civil unrest”

· Campus Carry HB 3001to eliminate universities from the list of so-called “gun free” zones

· HB 6055, which would repeal the prohibition on carrying a concealed firearm in legislative meetings

D.J. Parten is the Executive Director of Florida Gun Rights and the Southeast Regional Director for the National Association for Gun Rights.

Photo from Facebook