By: Teresa Mull

It seems Sleepy Joe Biden can’t make anyone happy.

Google “Joe Biden approval ratings” and you’ll find headlines that read,2021: The year Biden’s approval ratings sank slowly underwater,” and Biden’s economic ratings are worse than Carter’s.”

While you’d expect Biden’s ratings to plummet among rational Americans who have tried to buy anything recently, Biden is also making headlines for disappointing the civilian disarmament crowd.

“Gun control advocates express disappointment with Biden,” reads a headline from The Hill this week. The article explains how gun controllers were optimistic about a Biden president, but during his first year in office, he and his administration fell short of bold promises made during his campaign.

Zeenat Yahya, deputy policy director at March for Our Lives, told the publication regarding Biden:

“I think the biggest thing to highlight here is that the president has been a friend to the gun violence prevention (GVP) movement this year and we’re thankful, but frankly, he hasn’t really been a leader.

“We’re definitely surprised. We were really hopeful and he made a lot of promises. We are thankful for some of the actions the president has already taken but there is so much more he can do that’s a comprehensive top-to-bottom approach.”

Biden, remember, when he was running for president, issued a lengthy gun control wish list that contained every anti-Second Amendment policy there is. Upon assuming office, he issued a list of gun control executive actions. So far, though, Biden has failed to get any meaningful gun control legislation passed.

People are already speculating about Biden’s chances for re-election in 2024 (Biden himself said cast doubt on his chances by saying he’d run again “If I’m in good health”), and either way you slice it, Biden’s gun policies spell trouble for the Democrat: anti-gunners are disappointed in his failure to grab guns, and pro-gunners are appalled by his blatant would-be infringements on the Second Amendment.

Gun sales continue to smash records as more Americans – especially women and minorities – realize the value in being able to protect oneself – and it could be the gun issue that paves the way for Biden’s exit from the White House.

Teresa Mull ([email protected]) is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.