By: Teresa Mull

Students who support the Second Amendment are being discriminated against by their anti-gun teachers.

“A teaching assistant at the University of Utah tried to create a ‘Second Amendment zone’ in a classroom, forcing students who legally carry to stand in a tiny, taped-off area during class,” reported.

The teacher wrote the following in a “weapons policy” she distributed to students:

“Concealed carry is protected under your second amendment rights! However, because the University of Utah reserves the right to restrict elements of the first amendment on campus to specifically sanctioned ‘free speech zones’ I am reserving the right to restrict elements of the second amendment in my own classroom.

“If you feel that it is somehow at all appropriate to bring a gun to class (hint: it is not—this is absurd, antisocial, and frightening behavior), you are restricted to spending your time in class in my ‘second amendment zone’ a 3×3 taped square on the floor in the very back of the classroom, that will be shared with all other gun carriers. This zone also does not include a desk, because desks are reserved for students who respect the personal and psychological safety of their classmates and instructor.”

According to Campus Reform, a representative from Utah State, which allows campus carry, issued a statement declaring that the teaching assistant “doesn’t understand the Bill of Rights and University policy on free speech – which is disturbing enough. But even more egregious, she is seeking to break state law and deprive students of their rights.”

“…The university promptly overruled the instructor and assigned [the teacher] to non-teaching duties for the duration of the semester,” reported.

A University of Kansas (UK) professor, who teaches the history of the Japanese Samurai, says “he is reluctant to have office hours in his office because the University of Kansas allows law-abiding citizens to carry on campus,” reports.

“His course materials included two pages of a diatribe against gun rights and he said he won’t allow much in-person access to his students because he ‘no longer feels safe,’” the website further reported.

Kent State has told Kaitlin Bennett, whose photo of herself in cap and gown with a rifle slung over the shoulder went viral, that she must “cease and desist” from advertising an open carry rally she has planned.

“The university issued a statement on Wednesday saying Kaitlin Bennett has not registered the event, nor obtained the approvals that the school’s policy requires,” reports. “…However, the former student says she is still planning to host the gathering.”

A Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBAU) lacrosse student received threats from his coach for posting a picture of himself holding a duck he harvested and a photo of himself with a holstered semi-automatic handgun to social media, reported.

“After the athlete, with the social media moniker of duckmanscholl on Instagram, made public one of his posts, his coach responded via text message: ‘You want to play lacrosse for PBA, you won’t post pics of your guns and stuff. That’s simple. You want to continue to post this—you don’t play,” the website reported.

The student reportedly stuck to his guns, and the university “counseled” his coach.

New Mexico
Meanwhile, in New Mexico, a parent is speaking out about how her son was bullied by his principal for planning a Stand for the Second pro-Second Amendment walkout last year.

“Lisa Riley wrote in a letter to the school board claiming that Adam García Amador ‘supported and assisted’ gun control advocates in their walkout, but threatened her son with criminal charges over his planned walkout,” reports.

“‘These actions are a clear example of viewpoint discrimination, and like any form of discrimination, are unacceptable in the public schools,’ Riley writes in the August 19 letter.”

According to Riley, Carlsbad High School Principal Adam García Amador was “hostile and rude” to her son, telling him “the Second Amendment is not even a part of the Bill of Rights,” and tried to intimidate and threaten him with criminal charges.

Teresa Mull is editor of Gunpowder Magazine. Contact her at [email protected].

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