Hunting has, for a long time, been a hobby for some and a lifestyle for others. With so many different ways to hunt, though, it is important to understand what kind of hunting fits your style and needs.

When selecting a hunting style, you should keep several things in mind, such as what type of gun you would need for the game you would search for, and what other sort of things you should bring with you on a hunt.

If you’re new to hunting, consider the following before you head into the great outdoors:

Dog Handling

Dog handlers are hunters who bring along dogs to assist with the hunt of certain animals. When hunting with a dog, it is important that the dogs are well-trained and prepared to deal with small to medium sized animals.

You, as the hunter, also must be aware of your dog. To ensure that no one sustains any injuries, you should keep an eye on the dog and eye on your game. Dogs can be extremely helpful when hunting more elusive birds and small animals. They have excellent tracking skills and can confirm a kill on downed bird.

The guns that would be best to hunt with dogs would depend on what you’re hunting for, of course. If it’s for deer, then a good hunting rifle will always be a great option, and the accurate shots would ensure that you avoid doing harm to your dog. A shotgun is also an option, depending on what you’re hunting, but be sure to check your aim. As long as you’re safe, hunting with a dog can be a great bonding experience for you and can prove to be easier than hunting alone.

Big Game Hunting

If you’re someone who seeks to hunt larger animals that have just as much of a potential to hurt you as you do to hurt them, then big game hunting might be for you.

Animals that reside in the big game hunting category are elk, deer, bears, and others, depending on what portion of the world you’re in. Big game hunting is not something that a new hunter should take lightly. Hunting a larger animal is difficult and can involve a lot of tracking. You also need to ensure that you aim for the right spots on the animal you’re hunting, because one shot may not be enough to take out a large animal. The best gun to take with you on a big game hunt is a rifle. You need the accuracy that comes with a hunting rifle if you intend to bring down a large animal. Big game hunting should only be attempted by seasoned hunters, or new hunters who have some kind of guide with them.

Small Game Hunting

Small game hunting, though less intense, is still a very fun and rewarding activity for hunters new and old. Some examples of small game are squirrels, rabbits, and birds. Small game hunting is an activity that many families will partake in due to its low intensity compared to other kinds of hunting.

Small game hunting calls for specific types of guns, depending on which animals you want to hunt. A hunting rifle will always be perfect for small game hunting; obviously you don’t need a high caliber round because of the small size of the animals, but a hunting rifle will certainly supply the accuracy that a small animal requires. Small game hunting can be a stress-free activity and is a good way for new hunters to get into hunting.

Recreational Hunting

All the other categories leading up to this one have been for people who are looking to get into real hunting and want to enter the wilderness with a plan to shoot game. For those of you who simply wish to grab a few friends and hit the woods for fun, however, recreational hunting would probably fit you better than any of the other types of hunting. When going out to hunt recreationally, you should arm yourself with a shotgun, if it’s legal in your state, or a hunting rifle of some kind. Since you are going out with essentially no plan, you should play it safe, and just look out for any dangerous animals.


There are several other hunting types out there that might fit your style better that didn’t make it on this article. If any of these don’t seem to fit you just right, there are plenty of online resources that can help you get started. Just be sure that when you plan to hunt, you make the trip as safe as possible, check your local laws for required permits, seasons, and so forth, and get the advice of someone with experience. The best people to talk to about hunting are seasoned hunters. And be sure to read about the best places to buy guns online if you’re looking to purchase hunting equipment.


Hunting will always be a pastime for people, whether it’s for the glory of the hunt, or to try to catch your own food. Of course, there are many different types of hunting out there, and with some trial and error, you’re sure to find one that fits you and your needs properly. Try to take precautions before every trip and do your best to stay safe and have fun.