By: José Niño

Second Amendment detractors always look for any way to discredit sensible Second Amendment policies, such as Constitutional Carry.

For example, many civilian disarmament proponents said that once Constitutional Carry is passed, a multitude of new gun owners without any form of training will start prowling the streets and using their weapons for violence.

Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms noted that it’s been a month since Texas’ law went into effect, and several Houston firearms instructors have noticed the demand for firearms training has surged significantly in the last few weeks.

ABC 13 reported on this new trend:

“Since Sept. 1, since they passed the constitutional carry, I’ve had a slight decrease in license to carry interest, but I’ve had a big increase in handgun training,” said firearms instructor Darius Sanders.

On Thursday, ABC13 caught up with Sanders and former Army Special Forces member Aric Gray, co-founder of Gray Beast Solutions.

“Education, education, education,” Gray said. “It’s great to be able to carry that gun in your purse. Great to be able to carry that gun in your pocket. But, at the same token, if you don’t understand the weapon system or understand the legality, if you don’t understand the totality of circumstances, you can’t just pull a gun out and start shooting.”

Of course, the gun community has a strong incentive to educate as many gun owners as possible. There are many hairy situations that gun owners must prepare themselves for, and there’s a multitude of firearms instructors and experts who are willing to help them not only master firearms basics but also make them aware of the legal use of firearms.

Similarly, some lukewarm supporters of gun rights even argue that the passage of Constitutional Carry would lead to the demise of concealed carry permit usage. This is not the case. It’s often forgotten that Constitutional Carry does not scrap the permitting system. Under Constitutional Carry, it’s no longer mandatory for lawful individuals to possess a permit to carry, but permits are still available for people who want to carry concealed in other states for the purposes of reciprocity.

There exists manifold reasons for firearms training services to be always in demand. Most American gun owners are responsible and will seek training to bolster their ability to exercise their right to bear arms responsibly.

The busybody nature of Gun Control Inc. does not allow them to see how free individuals and associations can forge ahead and build institutions that spread firearms knowledge and train people on the proper usage of firearms. This is how society regulates itself without state support, and that makes the gun control crowd go crazy.

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