By: Steven Koskulitz

In Richland, Washington, Marnicus Collins almost got robbed by a career criminal, but he didn’t, because he was carrying a firearm.

On November 11, Alfredo V. Cabebe threatened Collins with a gun and tried to rob him. Fortunately, Collins had his own gun and was able to defend himself. Police found Cabebe in the hospital with gunshot wounds. They arrested him and have him locked up in Benton County Jail awaiting a trial.

Cabebe has at least 13 prior felonies, with robbery and burglary included in his crimes. At the time of his attack on Collins, it was illegal for Cabebe to carry a gun due to his criminal history. He also has federal gun convictions. Cabebe was released from prison in April of this year and was under community supervision when he tried to rob Collins. The Tri-City Herald reports that Cabebe could be punished more harshly this time: “The robbery and assault both have gun enhancements which mean, if Cabebe is convicted, he can be ordered to spend additional time behind bars.”

It was fortunate for Marnicus Collins that he could use a gun to defend himself when the government failed to enforce existing laws barring a criminal from carrying guns.

Steven Koskulitz is a conservative writer from northern Virginia.