By: Teresa Mull

In a now-deleted Tweet, a leading California gun grabber posted a photo of “discarded packaging of a semi-automatic” allegedly taken “on a leisurely walk” in San Francisco.

The problem is, the photo posted by State Assemblyman David Chiu did not show packaging for a “semi-automatic” pistol, but for a BB gun.

The image was captured by The San Joaquin Valley Sun before Chiu deleted it:

Since when do Glock 19s, or any firearm, for that matter, come wrapped in a flimsy, see-through plastic box? Chiu is clearly someone who has never attempted to purchase a firearm and has not even the slightest notion of gun manufacturing, sales – anything. Yet he’s trying to tell the rest of us how it should work.

Chiu has a history of trying to make regulations about topics about which he’s completely ignorant.

“The San Francisco lawmaker’s marquee achievement in Sacramento was authoring Assembly Bill 2847, which called on gun manufacturers to transition to a form of bullet tracing technology known as microstamping,” notes the Sun. “Despite being enacted by Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2020, the industry has repeatedly argued is technologically infeasible.”

Chiu has caught a lot of well-deserved flack on the Twittersphere, and rather than apologize for getting it seriously wrong, he justified his lying Tweet by saying we shouldn’t have BB guns, either:

Who thinks we should require lawmakers to take a test regarding the items they want to regulate? How many of them would pass a basic Guns 101 test?

Teresa Mull ( is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.