By: Teresa Mull

Texas is well on its way to becoming the next Constitutional Carry state.

HB 1927 just passed its third reading in the Senate with a vote of 18-13.

Constitutional Carry, for those who don’t know, is a policy that makes it so law-abiding citizens don’t have to ask the government permission to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Standing outside the Texas Capitol, Texas Gun Rights Executive Director Chris McNutt told supporters there are a couple hurdles the bill has to get over still. There have been some amendments added to the bill that the House must first approve before it’s sent to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk for signature.

Abbott has said he does intend to sign the bill into law, but to be safe, Texas Gun Rights is urging supporters to sign a petition to Gov. Abbott, which can be accessed here.

GPM reported previously that despite Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s disparaging comments on Constitutional Carry, grassroots activists were able to put enough pressure on Patrick and his Senate colleagues to have HB 1927 referred to a committee where the bill had a chance of being voted on.

During the last decade, Texas Second Amendment activists have learned the hard way how sluggish and outright devious Texas Republican legislators can be on issues they are supposed to champion.

Teresa Mull ( is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.