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Joe Dolio is out with the third volume of his “Tactical Wisdom” series called “Defensive Operations.” If you haven’t read volumes 1 & 2, you’re missing out.  In volume 3, Dolio gives out great tips on defense of your position, wherever and whatever that may be.

Let’s review Dolio’s bona fides: Joe Dolio is a USMC veteran with over 20 years of experience in the protection industry.  He has served both as an investigations professional and a personal protection specialist.  He draws from the experience and training gained over his career to develop the “Tactical Wisdom” book series.  In addition to still working in the personal protection field, Joe is an NRA-certified defensive firearms instructor, a KyoSaNim (instructor) in the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do, and a Krav Maga instructor.  He also draws on his skills as an avid outdoorsman and hunter in this series.

Dolio defines defensive operations as those actions taken to defend a particular location.  They include establishing a defensive perimeter, establishing obstacles, emplacing fighting positions, establishing observation & listening posts, conducting patrols, establishing interior security, and controlling the information you give out.

Dolio stresses that we must temper all of this with the agreement that we are discussing a WITHOUT RULE OF LAW (WROL) scenario.  Some of the steps Dolio refers to are not appropriate in normal times.

Defensive Intelligence

This is the first step. You must know what’s going on in your part of the world.  Are you familiar with the area you live in?  Are you familiar with the crime trends/statistics in your area?  If not, you should be.   I have assisted many a tourist who wandered into a high-crime area and probably helped them from being robbed, injured, or worse.  They have somewhat of an excuse as they are not locals. If you don’t know where the high crime areas are in your area, that’s on you.

Lots to Learn

Other areas covered in the manual are: Defensive positions, obstacles, checkpoints, local patrols, and safe houses.  Yes, safe houses!  While many of you may be thinking in terms of Tom Clancy or Jason Bourne, Dolio explains that safe houses aren’t just for spies anymore.  Think about it, folks – left-wing groups have been using safe houses since the 60’s when they learned about it from their communist advisors.  Do you think the Weather Underground, BLM, Antifa and the rest of these groups haven’t used safe houses?  Use the tactics of your enemy regardless of the situation.  There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Lessons from Nehemiah

Dolio ends this volume with the warrior study of Nehemiah, who he calls one of the first people to live a tactical/preparedness lifestyle.   Nehemiah was appointed governor of Jerusalem.  He traveled to the city to restore it, and upon his arrival, was met by folks who didn’t want it rebuilt.  Nehemiah’s first action was to do a walk-around of his entire perimeter – a threat assessment, if you will.  Dolio states this is a practice in use today, and I will attest to this.  I’ve attended training where you look at the target from the view of the enemy and devise a plan to destroy it.  Then, you devise a plan on how you would defend it; then, you devise a plan to mitigate the aftermath if the attack is successful.

Nehemiah also believed in being ready:

Neither I, nor my brothers, nor my men took of our clothes, each had his weapon; even when he went for water.

Nehemiah 4:23

Joe also quotes from the Norse text called the Hávamál:

“Let a man never stir on his road a step without his weapons of war; for unsure is the knowing when need shall arise of a spear on the way without”

Hávamál 38

In other words, be ready! Be armed.  Don’t be complacent.  Don’t walk around with your head down looking for loose change. Observe your surroundings. Don’t walk into a trap.

Each of Dolio’s manuals build on the previous volumes.  I cannot say enough about the “Tactical Wisdom” Series.  Dolio puts all the information into layman’s terms.  While he is a U.S. Marine, many people don’t have military experience or know the jargon.  Dolio provides all the information in a manner that the reader can understand.  Many people want to learn these principles, but some books are written at a level that people don’t completely understand, and they sometimes give up because of this. Here it’s all at your fingertips and understandable.   Coming soon: ”TW”-04, “Scouting and Patrolling.”

That’s all for now, folks! Please keep sending in your questions, tips, and article Ideas.  And as always – “Let’s be careful out there.”

Friedrich Seiltgen is a retired Master Police Officer with 20 years of service with the Orlando Police Department.   He conducts training in lone wolf terrorism, firearms, first aid, active shooter response, and law enforcement vehicle operations in Florida.  His writing has appeared in The Counter Terrorist Magazine, American Thinker, Homeland Security Today, and The Journal of Counterterrorism & Homeland Security International.  Contact him at