By: Friedrich Seiltgen

Copyright © 2021

Firearms sales in the liberal bastion of Beverly Hills have skyrocketed!

It seems the lifestyles of the Rich and Famous are evolving for the worse. Since July 2020, Beverly Hills Guns, which is located at 433 N Camden Dr. in the “Golden Triangle of 90210,” has been busy, to say the least, according to a report by Breitbart News.

Store owner Russell Stuart says prominent actors, real estate moguls, and film executives are among those flocking to his store for self-defense firearms. Russell recently sold six shotguns in about an hour to people who say, “I want a home defense shotgun.”

According to Stuart, there is a general sense of fear in the air, heightened by recent, high-profile “Smash and Grab” incidents. According to The Guardian, there were 11 in a two-week period, with a total take of $330,000!

Crime rates are soaring throughout the country as the Ferguson/Antifa/BLM effect continues to keep law enforcement from doing their job, and the wealthy and privileged are not immune. The police aren’t doing any proactive enforcement for fear of prosecution. Combined with a battery of Soros prosecutors who release criminals before their arrest paperwork is done, and the results are coming to fruition as planned.

During the first week of December, the LAPD’s officers’ union actually warned people not to come to Los Angeles! Union Chief Jamie McBride said, “My message to anyone thinking about coming to Los Angeles, especially during the holiday season, is don’t.”  McBride says, “We can’t guarantee your safety,” and likens the surge of crime to the movie ‘Purge,’ “but instead of 24 hours to commit your crimes, these people have 365 days to commit any crime they want!”

This story reminds me of the liberals wanting guns during the Rodney King riots. In his autobiography, Charlton Heston told the story of a phone call he received from a famous Hollywood actress (he wouldn’t divulge her name) who wanted to borrow a gun from him during the riots in Los Angeles after the Rodney King Verdict.

“As smoke from burning buildings smudged the skyline and the TV news showed vivid images of laughing looters smashing windows and carting off boomboxes and booze, I got a few phone calls from firmly anti-gun friends in clear conflict. ‘Umm, Chuck, you have quite a few …ah, guns, don’t you?’”

– Charlton Heston on the L.A. riots of 1992, from his autobiography In the Arena (1995)

The hypocrisy of the left is infinite. They portray gunowners as some pack of illiterate hillbillies, or as their President Obama said:

“And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

The anti-police sentiment has finally caused liberals problems, so now it’s an emergency. Unfortunately, many people are only concerned with short-term gains. With every action or decision, there are second and third order effects. What we’re experiencing with law enforcement now is a result of the Ferguson effect. Something to think about, folks!

That’s all for now folks! Please keep sending in your questions, tips, and article ideas. And as always – “Let’s be careful out there.”

Friedrich Seiltgen is a retired Master Police Officer with 20 years of service with the Orlando Police Department. He conducts training in Lone Wolf Terrorism, Firearms, First Aid, Active Shooter Response, and Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations in Florida. His writing has appeared in RECOIL, The Counter Terrorist Magazine, American Thinker, Homeland Security Today, and The Journal of Counterterrorism & Homeland Security International. Contact him at [email protected].