By: Teresa Mull

An armed suspect was sent running after he underestimated the fire power of the business owner he was attempting to rob.

Doyle Stinson, who owns Decor Furniture in Indianapolis, Indiana, told Fox59 an armed robber entered his store and demanded money. Stinson said he gave the man $10 from his wallet, but he demanded more.

“Once he gets me back to the back room that was a mistake. I go back here, I hit my silent alarm emergency button,” Stinson said.

Stinson said he could tell by the sound the suspect’s gun made when he pulled the hammer back that the gun wasn’t loaded, and Stinson retrieved his own gun from back of the store.

“[Stinson] took aim, as the video showed the suspect frantically fleeing the store,” reported. “Stinson said his gun was loaded. He said he didn’t pull the trigger because he saw a boy in front of his store, and was concerned a stray bullet would hit him.

“‘If you’re shooting a 40 caliber, it’s going to go through him, through this merchandise, through that window, and what’s beyond that window,’ Stinson said.
“Instead, the store owner called 911 and chased after him.”

The armed suspect who fled the scene is still on the loose.

The incident was caught on video. See below:

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