By: Teresa Mull

A brave, quick-thinking neighbor saved an apartment complex from almost certain carnage, several outlets are reporting.

When 26-year-old Zachary Arnold, a resident of an apartment complex in Fort Smith, Arkansas, started yelling for residents of the complex to come outside, 87-year-old Lois Hicks went out “to console him,” reports Arnold shot and killed Hicks, and the gunman kept shooting at other apartments until a good guy with a gun intervened.

“A resident at the apartments heard the gunshots and got a hunting rifle which he used to shoot and kill Arnold,” reports the news outlet.

“If he didn’t do that, who knows how much worse it could have gotten,” said an apartment complex resident.

We don’t know the identity of the hero good guy right now, nor do we know what type of gun he used, but our guess is it’s one Joe Biden and company is attempting to outlaw. “Nobody is coming for your hunting rifle,” Sleepy Joe has quipped, but how about if we label them “assault-style rifles”?

Another Hero in Washington

A similar good-guy-with-a-gun incident played out in Washington State days ago when a man started assaulting people – including a grandmother and her granddaughter – with a metal baton and pepper spray at a park.

Fox News reports: “Several bystanders tried to intervene but the man pepper-sprayed them and struck them with a metal baton, police said. One of the interveners was armed and shot the man twice.”

The man who saved everyone at the park was detained, cooperative with police, and is not facing charges.

Teresa Mull ( is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.