By: Robert Davis

When a Florida woman arrived home to find one of the windows to her house broken, she called her sister, who came over with a gun.

The two women ordered the intruder to come out of the house, and when he did, they took pictures of him, reported.

The intruder, Christopher A. Stone (42), told the two women someone had stolen his dirt bike, and he chased the “thief” into the house. Stone fled into nearby woods shortly after the two women confronted him. The women called the police, whose K-9 unit apprehended Stone.

Stone told deputies the man he chased into the woman’s home broke the window and left the scene. Police found more than $1,000-worth of jewelry in a pillow case when they searched the home.

“Stone told deputies that a brooch valued at $10 that was found in his pocket ‘must have fallen in when he was climbing over the victim’s property inside the laundry room,’” reported.

“Stone was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling and larceny,” the report said. “He was booked into Marion County Jail and held on a $12,000 bond.”

Robert Davis is a journalist from Colorado. He covers defensive gun use and Second Amendment policy for Gunpowder Magazine. Contact him at

Photo Credit: Shutterstock