By: Teresa Mull

Arizona gun owners let Gov. Doug Ducey (R) know exactly what they think of red flag gun confiscation laws.

At a recent meeting, gun rights advocates chanted, “No red flag!” and held signs saying the same thing, silencing Ducey.

Watch the video here:

Western Journal reports:

The controversial bill was first introduced in 2018 as a part of Gov. Ducey’s Safe Arizona Schools Plan which was drafted after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in 2018.

With the intention of preventing mass shootings in Arizona schools, the “red flag” law would give the government the right to take away guns away from individuals deemed a danger to themselves or to others by a judge.

Ducey eventually told the crowd of protestors, “I think it’s important that everyone standing up understands that Arizona is the number one pro-Second Amendment state in the nation. And that’s not going to change.”

Ducey, however, is not to be trusted. The Arizona Capitol Times reported in August of last year:

Calling it the best way to prevent mass shootings, Gov. Doug Ducey is renewing his bid to allow judges to take away guns of people believed to be a danger to themselves or others and have them held for mental examination.

“I’m disappointed we haven’t gotten more done on school safety,” the governor told Capitol Media Services, citing additional funding for counselors and school resource officers. “I definitely think more needs to be done.”

That “more” is Ducey’s proposal to allow judges to issue a Severe Threat Order of Protection, requiring people to submit to mental evaluations. It even would permit, under certain circumstances, for courts to order police to immediately pick up that person and, with a court order, have them held for up to 14 days.

“We think the STOP order is a good idea,” the governor said.

Teresa Mull is editor of Gunpowder Magazine. Contact her at [email protected].