By: José Niño

California has long been known as an anti-gun bastion. Any time its name and gun control come up, one assumes gun control legislation is on the verge of passing.

With recent mass shootings, many blue states have started to pass gun control legislation with relative ease. California has followed suit by introducing its own set of gun control laws. however, things have been a bit rocky for Gun Control Inc. in the Golden State.

A writer at The Truth About Guns – Jeremy S.. highlighted how even in California, gun control is encountering some obstacles. For example, on June 3, 2021, a bill designed to raise taxes on ammunition and handguns ended up dying in the California Assembly, which is made up of 59 Democrats, 19 Republicans, 1 Independent, and one vacant seat. The bill’s failure in the State Assembly came in the aftermath of a mass shooting at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority rail yard in San José, California, in which a gunman killed nine people.

Leftists thought they could manipulate the outrage that followed the shooting and channel it towards fast-tracking the passage of gun control in the California State Legislature. But, as Jeremy S. pointed out, passing gun control is perhaps a difficult proposition in the present pandemic environment. After all, this is a time when gun sales are going through the roof, as first-time gun buyers are realizing that police cannot always be relied upon to defend people and their property from criminals and radical leftist hooligans.

Nonetheless, of course, on future occasions, similar gun control bills could end up passing, the key takeaway here is that unforeseen events can throw wrenches into Gun Control Inc’s plans. Furthermore, even in states with monolithic Democrat control, the Left’s pet legislative items can still be derailed. Pro-Second Amendment Republicans can leverage these opportunities, especially the new demographic of gun owners who are starting to recognize the importance of lawful gun ownership to grow their base and make a proactive case for the right to self-defense to voters.

In politics, nothing is set in stone.

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