By: DJ Parten

An average of five people a day have their guns seized in Florida since Republicans in the State Legislature passed a red flag gun confiscation law just last year.

That means that the government has taken guns from almost 2,500 people to date without due process.

In Pinellas County alone, police confiscated approximately 700 firearms and more than 135,000 rounds of ammunition, again with no due process.

While there is no data on how many guns have been taken statewide, one can imagine that number is staggering.

According to Politifact, Polk County used risk protection orders 378 times, Pinellas used them 350 times. Broward used them 327 times. Volusia used them 173 times. Miami-Dade has used this gun confiscation law 127 times.

Under Florida’s gun confiscation law, police are able to go to a judge and request that a risk protection order be issued.

If the judge issues the order, which happens 97% of the time, he or she will also issue a warrant for police to search the citizen’s house and seize any firearms.

Remember, no crime has to be committed for any of this to take place. All they need to issue the order is a police officer to claim that the citizen in question shouldn’t have a gun.

Red Flag laws are gun confiscation. Plain and Simple.

D.J. Parten is the Executive Director of Florida Gun Rights and the Southeast Regional Director for the National Association for Gun Rights.