By: Teresa Mull

The American people have spoken: they aren’t keen on new gun control laws. They want authorities to enforce the ones we already have on the books.

According to the latest Rasmussen poll:

While President Joe Biden has called on Congress to pass more gun control laws, most Americans believe stricter enforcement of existing laws would do more to reduce violent crime.

These findings come at the same time Biden “made a fool of himself, again” (to quote the National Association for Gun Rights [NAGR]).

During a press conference in New York City, at which President Biden “shamelessly exploited the deaths of two police officers who died in the line of duty” last month, Biden proclaimed:

“There’s no violation of the Second Amendment right…There’s no amendment that’s absolute. When the amendment was passed it didn’t say anybody can own a gun, any kind of gun, and any kind of weapon. You couldn’t buy a cannon when this amendment was passed so there’s no reason why you should be able to buy certain assault weapons.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Biden has uttered such nonsense. In 2019, remember, Biden said (falsely), “There’s no amendment that’s absolute.”

NAGR notes, “In the early days of our nation, private citizens could and did own cannons. That’s because the Second Amendment makes no distinction. The right to keep and bear arms applied to all sorts of arms in the 1700s, and that doesn’t change today.”

The Rasmussen poll (read it here), released with an article titled, “Gun Violence: Most Americans Want Stricter Enforcement, Not New Laws,” found, “63% of American Adults believe the United States needs stricter enforcement of existing gun control laws. Twenty-eight percent (28%) disagree.”

What’s more, the survey also found “Sixty-nine percent of Republicans, 28 percent of Democrats and 53 percent of the unaffiliated say the country doesn’t need stricter gun laws,” reports Breitbart.

This poll follows a nationwide trend of Americans waking up to the value of the Second Amendment.

Teresa Mull ( is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.