By: Brenden Boudreau

The Presidential Election is Very Close

As of the writing of this article, votes are still being tallied in several key swing states, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. According to online sources, big voting blocks have yet to be counted in the cities of Detroit and Grand Rapids Michigan, which could very well throw the state to Joe Biden.

Each of these swing states are well within the margin of potential calls for recounts and could very well go either way at this point. Needless to say, it is much closer in these states that was anticipated by the majority of polling.

Biden’s campaign decision to go all in on supporting radical gun control this election season seems to have soured voters in enough swing states to keep this race close.

Republicans on Track to Maintain Control of the U.S. Senate

Republicans maintaining control in the U.S. Senate is a backstop for gun owners in the event Joe Biden wins the Presidency, and Democrats maintain control of the U.S. House.

As of the writing of this article, Republicans seems to be on track to maintain a slim majority in the U.S. Senate, after picking up Alabama with NAGR PAC-endorsed Republican Tommy Tuberville defeating incumbent Democrat Senator Doug Jones. This pick up offsets at least one of the two losses Republican have suffered with Arizona Republican Senator Martha McSally losing to gun control advocate Mark Kelly and Colorado Republican Senator Cory Gardner being defeated by anti-gun former Governor John Hickenlooper.

Table is Set for Constitutional Carry in Montana

Republican U.S. Congressman Greg Gianforte was declared the winner in the race for Montana Governor. Gianforte has already publicly pledged to support Constitutional Carry.

Republicans are expected to maintain control of the Montana State Legislature, where they had previously passed Constitutional Carry three times over the last decade, only to have it vetoed by anti-gun Democrat Governors. With Gianforte’s election, it appears the table is set for Constitutional Carry to be finally signed into law in the Big Sky State.

Gun owners should expect a fight from the gun control lobby, who will spend heavily to derail Constitutional Carry, but the National Association for Gun Rights is already dialing up plans to push this important legislation through the legislative process to get it to incoming Governor Gianforte’s desk for him to sign it into law.

Brenden Boudreau is the Director of Field Operations for the National Association for Gun Rights, writing from Michigan. Contact him at [email protected].