By: José Niño

The gun control crowd was able to sneak through red flag gun confiscation orders in a defense spending bill on passed last week.

HR 4350 is the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and it was passed with significant Republican support; 135 Republican members of Congress approved this legislation.

Second Amendment journalist AWR Hawkins notes, “[T]he 2022 NDAA contains a provision authorizing military courts to issue orders restraining military personnel from ‘possessing, receiving, or otherwise accessing a firearm.’”

The provision featuring the gun grab is in Section 529 of the NDAA. The specific section is titled, “Authority of Military Judges And Military Magistrates To Issue Military Court Protective Orders.”

Hawkins highlights how this provision infringes on the Second Amendment:

“The specific provision gives military courts the authority to prohibit gun possession via protective orders in two ways: 1. By giving the subject of the order an ‘opportunity to be heard on the order. 2. By issuing the order ex parte.’”

The bill is the worst of all worlds in that it’s a gargantuan spending bill that uses taxpayer money to enforce “red flag” gun confiscation orders.

It’s also a sign that Democrats know that their gun control proposals are so unpopular that they must use sneaky schemes to ram through anti-Second Amendment measures. It’s also a sign that Republicans are not being attentive on matters concerning the Second Amendment.

It cannot be stressed enough that the anti-Second Amendment Left will do whatever it takes to pass gun control. All types of measures are on the table for them. This will require constant monitoring from the grassroots. Because, frankly, the GOP is not up to task to keep them in check.

The grassroots must watch out for these sly gun grabs and inform their elected officials of the shenanigans Gun Control Inc. is trying to pull. It’s the only way the GOP will be made to fall in line and respect the will of gun owners.

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