Editor’s note: The following is part of a series featuring recipes with ingredients harvested from public lands.

The U.S. Department of the Interior has compiled its favorite recipes of dishes that "include ingredients you can hunt, fish, or forage on public lands," and has given GPM permission to reprint their creations here. Before you fire up your campfire or woodstove, however, DOI reminds us:

Hunting and fishing are outdoor activities with tasty results. Before you go after game or cast your line, check out our hunting and fishing guides so that you can make sure you’re following the rules, have the federal and state licenses you need and are keeping safe.

On many public lands, gathering natural, renewable products — such as fruits, berries, nuts or sea shells — is permitted, subject to certain conditions set by each location or state office. Be sure to check nps.gov, fws.gov, blm.gov or the websites of specific parks and national wildlife refuges for the most up-to-date information on availabilities and quantity limits before going to pick plants. Always make sure to properly identify plants before picking them, as some can be hazardous.

Bristol Bay Salmon Poke
This salmon poke provides a flavorful kick for spice lovers. The hot jalapenos are offset by the coolness of the cream cheese in this delicious dish. It tastes even better when you catch the salmon yourself. Some of the best salmon fishing in the world can be found in public waters, like Bristol Bay in Katmai National Park and Preserve or Gulkana National Wild and Scenic River in Alaska. Thanks to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee Orville Lind for allowing us to #ShareYourPlate.

Ingredients for a 1/2 gallon mix:
3 pounds salted salmon (Flush salmon with fresh water three times a day for two days before serving, keeping cool)
48 fluid ounces virgin oil
2 cups fresh onions
1 cup fresh garlic or 2 cups of minced garlic
½ cup oregano
1 cup chopped Jalapenos
1 cup jalapeno juice
Crackers for serving
Cream cheese for serving

Dice salmon into small pieces.
Mix all other ingredients in bowl, mixing salmon in slowly.
Marinate (recommended: 12 hours).
Spread cream cheese on crackers and top off with a dab of salmon.

Photo Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service