By: Teresa Mull

Donnie Parker of Greenville, South Carolina, says he’s alive today because he is a concealed weapon permit (CWP) holder.

“…Parker said he was leaving for work when [a] suspect, dressed in dark clothing with a cover over his face, came out from behind some bushes and attempted to rob him at gunpoint,” reports.

“Parker said he was also armed and fired back at the robber.

“‘I firmly believe having a CWP saved my life,’ Parker said.”

The would-be robber shot Parker’s truck, and Parker fired back five shots. Parker didn’t hit the suspect, who ran across the highway to a get-away truck.

“Out of my peripheral vision, I seen a shadow, and I spun around with a gun in my hand,” Parker recounted to Fox Carolina. “I always carry a gun. I’m a God-fearing, gun-toting, red-blooded American…I spun around with that gun and said, ‘Well you son of a b***,’ and I pulled my gun out, getting ready, and he was more scared than I was. I had five rounds, and I put all five rounds after his a** … He wouldn’t have run if I hadn’t pulled that gun on him.”

Parker said he knew what was going on when he saw the robber’s gun.

“But he didn’t know I had a gun,” Parker said. “That’s where a lot of people go wrong, by not having a gun for people who are out there now on drugs [who don’t work], gonna take from the people who work every day.

“Praise the Lord he didn’t hit me,” Parker said, “but I wish I’d have hit him because I work hard for my money, and I don’t appreciate someone coming into my domain and taking from me. People need to be armed for their own protection. My older brother Phillip told me, he said, ‘I got robbed at gunpoint at a service station,’ and he said, ‘Don’t go nowhere without your gun.’ And I took that to heart.”

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