By: Kayleigh Hamilton

The ATF’s reign of terror could finally be at an end.

After abusing the Second Amendment for generations, their time may be up.

One historic court ruling will change everything for Joe Biden’s ATF.

Perhaps no government agency has done more to destroy the Second Amendment than the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, better known as the ATF.

The assumption that firearms are a harmful and bad thing on par with tobacco and explosives is quite literally written into the name of the agency.

They exist to hunt down and harass gun owners, and they have been involved in numerous horrific examples of government overreach over the years, including the Waco siege which led to the killing of almost 100 innocent people, and the Ruby Ridge disaster.

But now, thanks to the National Association for Gun Rights, the ATF is at the mercy of a critical court ruling that could change everything for them.

They have been sued in an effort to stop their forced reset trigger ban.

And their power could be severely weakened for years to come if the judge rules against them in this important case.

In an email to their supporters, NAGR had this to say: “The ATF is a tyrannical, out of control agency with zero respect for the rule of law. It’s time for the court to nip it in the bud! That’s what we just told the federal judge in our latest filing in our lawsuit against the ATF’s forced reset trigger ban.”

“We beat the ATF in round one of the forced reset trigger fight, and they were none too happy about it! In fact, they’ve been violating the court order blocking them from contacting our members about FRTs. So today, we asked the judge to just strike the unlawful ATF trigger ban DOWN once and for all – for ALL Americans, not just NAGR members.”

If the judge acquiesces, which is a real possibility as there has already been an injunction granted against the ATF, it would be a landmark victory against a rogue federal agency that hates the Constitution.

In the filing, the National Foundation for Gun Rights, the legal arm of NAGR, had this to say to the judge: “The final agency action is Defendants’ classification of forced reset triggers as ‘machineguns’ and the agency’s subsequent actions based on this classification pursuing criminal charges and civil seizures of property. This action is arbitrary, capricious, or otherwise not in accordance with law and in excess of Defendants’ statutory limitations because a forced reset trigger does not shoot automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.”

This will be a historic case to watch for gun owners, as it could impact the future of gun rights in America.

The ATF is having to defend an unconstitutional position in court, and they have already lost the initial battle.

Now, if the ATF is defeated by NAGR and the forced reset trigger ban is struck down entirely, it will be a major victory for the Second Amendment.