By: Teresa Mull

Texas State Rep. Poncho Nevarez suspended his Facebook page and announced he wouldn’t be seeking reelection earlier this month. Now, it’s been revealed Nevarez has been connected to a bag of cocaine he allegedly dropped outside an Austin airport.

Nevarez, for the record, has been a staunch opponent to Texas’ Constitutional Carry bill, which would relieve citizens of asking the government’s permission to exercise their Second Amendment Rights. The blog “Texas Scorecard” reports, “Nevarez was a known opponent of constitutional carry with a record of bristling with the issue’s supporters and fighting against the measure. Nonetheless, Nevarez promised to hold a hearing on the bill.”

In February, State Rep. Jonathan Strickland wrote on his Facebook page:

On Feb. 25th my office sent an official request for a hearing on HB 357 (Constitutional Carry). For weeks Chairman Poncho Nevarez told me it was going to happen "soon". Today I was informed it is being pushed back to, "maybe April." This is not positive news. I am furious, you should be too. #onward

Now, reports:

On October 29 a search warrant was sworn out for a DNA sample from Poncho after he was linked to an envelope full of cocaine.

Here’s how it went down according to the affidavit attached to the search warrant.
On September 6 a pair of DPS employees at the TXDOT Flight Services location in Austin, Texas found a sealed white envelope on the ground outside of the terminal. Inside were four clear plastic baggies containing “white power.”
That powder was cocaine.

The envelope was white letterhead reading, “Office the State of Texas House of Representatives Member Poncho Nevarez.“ A review of video footage by DPS officers showed Poncho exiting the airport in burnt orange, dropping the sealed envelope and getting into an SUV driven by his chief of staff.

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