By: Anthony Morelli

No one expected the “conservative” Supreme Court to betray gun owners like this.

They handed down a historic ruling that dismantled the Second Amendment.

And Joe Biden is thrilled that he can unleash his gun grab on the entire nation.

Once Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in and the Supreme Court became a 6-3 “conservative” majority, many around the country were excited, because they assumed the Court would finally be committed to protecting the Constitution.

Unfortunately, the past few years have been a bit of a reality check, as Barrett and her colleagues Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts have been unreliable on conservative issues, to put it mildly.

They have been unwilling to rock the boat and upset their liberal colleagues on the Supreme Court, or get criticized by the liberal media.

That has led to them refusing to take stands on a number of constitutional issues, or even siding with the Biden administration and the Democrats.

But their latest ruling on the Biden administration’s attempt to ban certain kinds of guns is one of the worst rulings they have handed down, and it will give Joe Biden free rein to dismantle the Second Amendment.

According to Firearms News, “Spurred by an earlier decision by Justice Samuel Alito on a lower court ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court last Monday sided with President Joe Biden’s Justice Department to allow enforcement of last year’s ATF rule outlawing 80-percent receivers.

“Commonly called Biden’s ‘Ghost Gun’ rule, the wide-ranging law addresses much more than just firearms without a serial number. While not actually putting a ban on making or possessing unserialized, personally made firearms, it does redefine important legal terms dealing with guns, including ‘firearm,’ ‘receiver’ and ‘frame,’ making the longstanding American tradition of building personal firearms pretty much a thing of the past.”

This is a disaster for American gun owners, as it has always been a part of the tradition of the Second Amendment that citizens have a right to manufacture their own firearms.

Now the Biden administration, with the blessing of the Supreme Court, is criminalizing that act.

The article continued, “Two of the so-called ‘conservative’ members of the court—Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Comey Barrett—voted to allow the rule to remain in force, as did liberal Justices Ketanji Brown Jackson, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor.”

This is a huge disappointment. While Roberts has been known to be drifting to the left for quite some time, Barrett was assumed to be a diehard conservative at the time she was sworn in.

In fact, the Left was terrified that she would be one of the most “extreme” conservatives on the Court.

The truth has been quite the opposite. While she has voted with conservatives on some social issues, she has been far from a reliable vote on the Supreme Court to protect the Constitution.

Conservatives were hoping that the “conservative” Supreme Court would protect their rights from the overreach of Joe Biden, but this Court has unfortunately let them down.