By: Anthony Morelli

Gun grabbers and gun owners are locked in a battle in one key state.

The Democrats took power and passed a horrific gun grab.

But they didn’t expect the blowback they’re getting from gun owners who won’t give up their rights.

Virginia is a hotly contested purple state that fluctuates back and forth between being controlled by Republicans and controlled by Democrats.

While Republicans were close to having unanimous control of government in the last session, Democrats swept back to power in the most recent elections in November.

Now they are using this newly acquired power to push gun control down the throats of the people of Virginia.

They aren’t wasting any time trying to pass their most radical agenda items and destroy the Second Amendment.

They have passed a so-called “assault weapons ban” in the House of Delegates, the lower chamber of their state legislature.

And while progressive gun control supporters are thrilled, gun owners are furious about having their rights potentially taken away.

Now gun rights supporters are organizing to stop this bill before it passes the Virginia Senate and reaches the governor’s desk.

According to NBC 4 Washington, “The Virginia House of Delegates approved an assault weapons ban on a party line vote Friday.

“Fairfax County Democratic Del. Dan Helmer’s bill would end the sale and transfer of assault firearms manufactured after July 1, 2024. It also prohibits the sale of certain large capacity magazines.”

“While the bill would not impact assault weapons manufactured before July 1, it does prohibit younger Virginians, those under age 21, from owning, selling or transferring assault weapon regardless of manufacture date.”

However, the bill is getting significant pushback from those in the gun rights community who are not ready to see their rights taken away.

The article continues, “Arguing against the measure, Culpeper-area Republican Del. Nick Freitas, who was a special forces weapon sergeant in Iraq, said the focus of legislation should be on criminals, not guns.”

Here’s what Freitas had to say: ““If you take a weapon and you put it on a desk and you don’t touch it, no one gets assaulted. People do assault other people, and that should be the sort of crime that we are actually going after. But again we’re going after inanimate objects.”

Others in the gun rights community have taken notice and are speaking out. Here’s what Tom Knighton at Bearing Arms said about the bill: “The problem here is that this bill would effectively ban the most common handguns on the market since pretty much any of them can be equipped with a magazine that’ll hold more than 20 rounds.”

It’s clear that this is an attempt at a sweeping gun grab that would make Virginia an extremely dangerous place for gun owners who just want to be left alone by the government.

Now that the bill has passed the House, it is up to gun owners and advocates to mobilize and prevent the bill from advancing any further and becoming law.