Oklahoma State Supreme Court: Constitutional Carry Repeal Will Not Be on November Ballot

By: Teresa Mull

The Oklahoma State Supreme Court has ruled that a question anti-gunners wanted on the November ballot to repeal Constitutional Carry is “misleading.”

Oklahoma News on 6 reports:

The court also ruled the petition summary used to get a repeal of the state’s permitless carry law on the November ballot was misleading, removing it from the ballot.

The state’s second amendment association told the court, petition summary is “…false, inaccurate, misleading, deceitful, and inflammatory.”

Justices agreed saying two sections “do not accurately explain the proposal's effect on existing law and are misleading.”

“They failed to put in is that the repeal of constitutional carry would now criminalize a constitutional amendment and they slightly forgot to put that in there,” Second Amendment Association president Don. Spencer said.

“Our permitless carry law enables basically anyone to carry hidden, loaded guns in public without a background check or any safety training,” Oklahoma Moms Demand Action volunteer Christine Jackson said. “Especially in a time when public health should be at the forefront, this law makes Oklahoma less safe. The sooner we can get it off of our books, the better.”

Last, Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt signed House Bill 2597, sponsored by State Sen. Nathan Dahm, into law, making Constitutional Carry law of the land in the Sooner State.

Under this, law-abiding Oklahomans over the age of 21 can carry a firearm without a permit. For those in the military, they must be 18 years of age.

GPM reported earlier this year that the Oklahoma State House struck down an attempt to repeal Oklahoma’s Constitutional Carry law.

A few months after the bill received Stitt’s signature, Democratic State Rep. Jason Lowe started a petition drive that would have put a repeal of Constitutional Carry on the ballot. The petition ended up fizzling out after gun control activists could not get enough signatures.

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