By: José Niño

Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), took the Biden administration to task for its anti-Second Amendment agenda in an email released sent recently to supporters.

In the email, Brown alluded to the case of the Taliban’s recent ascendance into power in Afghanistan. The Islamist group is back in power after its government was toppled in 2001. That year, the US launched a military campaign against the Taliban government for providing shelter to Al-Qaeda terrorists who carried out the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 that resulted in the deaths of nearly 3,000 people.

With the Taliban back in charge, they’ve instantly implemented the most proven way to suppress any kind of resistance — gun control. Brown noted this in his email to NAGR members declaring that the “newly-emboldened Taliban regime is now implementing the same gun control schemes President Biden and his anti-gun pals want to impose on us here in the United States!”

One spokesman of the Taliban declared that Afghans “can now feel safe” now that the Taliban has confiscated most of the firearms in the country. Brown stressed in the email how America and Americans’ freedom “is in a crisis.” He added that the “America you and I love is being gutted from within.”

Furthermore, Brown sounded the alarms on several gun control plans that DC anti-Second Amendment officials have in mind:

“>>> The Feinstein Gun Ban, outlawing 200+ specifically-named rifles, shotguns and handguns;

>>> H.R. 8’s National Gun Registration under the guise of “expanded background checks” (which has already passed the U.S. House);

>>> So-called Red Flag” Gun Confiscation;

>>> The American Gun Manufacturing Destruction Bill to make gun manufacturers liable if their firearms are used in a crime. Just imagine Ford being held liable if an F-150 owner drives recklessly and causes a wreck; and

>>> H.R. 127, which would require licensing and psychological evaluations before you could buy a gun.”

Indeed, the US is at an interesting point in its history, now facing growing opposition to the right to bear arms from the radical Left. Many Americans have taken their Second Amendment freedoms for granted over the years. Most don’t realize that the right to bear arms is a concept that is virtually non-existent in the rest of the world.

In countries like Afghanistan, the lack of a right to bear arms makes it much easier for despots to consolidate their power and lord over their populations. Americans should gain perspective and realize how fortunate they are to live in a country that still nominally respects the right to bear arms.

Nevertheless, pro-gun Americans should remain vigilant, because the forces of tyranny grow louder by the day in this country, and they are willing to go to great lengths to violate many of our God-given right such as the Second Amendment.

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Photo credit: By VOA –, Public Domain,