By: Teresa Mull

"Fleccas Talks," a YouTube host specializing in interviewing leftist protestors, exposed the liberal gun control crowd for what they really are yesterday at L.A.’s downtown ‘March for Our Lives.’ Fleccas’ video (a must-watch, posted below) perfectly captures the prevailing ignorance and frightening disregard for constitutional rights these people possess.

Some highlights include:

— Several protestors admitting they want complete confiscation of guns. One woman says, "I’m on the all-guns thing."

— A woman who says, "If you could have an AR-15, why couldn’t you have a nuclear weapon?"

— A woman who says, "I have face tattoos; like, I don’t need to be owning a gun. I’m irresponsible already."

— A woman who says, "The NRA has been touching base with the Russian gun, pro-gun movements, at least that’s what I’ve heard."

— An eloquent young guy with a manbun who points out, "We used to march for our rights, and now we have people who are marching to take their own rights away, and to take rights away from everyone. It’s very odd."

Watch for yourself:

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Photo Credit: Shutterstock