By: Teresa Mull

A man intending to rob an Oregon convenience store with a hatchet surrendered peacefully when the store clerk took out a gun and called police.

The clerk has since lost his job.

Surveillance video of the incident, which happened in Clackamas County, shows a man in a black sweatshirt enter the store and flash a hatchet. The clerk then pulls out a gun and calls 911, while the man slides the hatchet across the counter, gets on his knees, and puts his hands up. The would-be robber then flees the store without taking anything – and leaving the hatchet behind.

The surveillance video can be seen here:

“…The clerk’s quick thinking cost him his job, with the president of Plaid Pantry in Oak Grove explaining to local station KOIN-TV that the chain has a zero-tolerance policy for weapons,” Fox News reports. “He said employees are trained to de-escalate robbery situations to avoid injury, according to the station.”

Police are asking for help identifying the suspect.

“We’d like to reunite you with the hatchet you left behind after the clerk responded with a handgun and a 911 call and you fled the scene,” Sgt. Marcus Mendoza of Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said in a release.

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