By: Jay Chambers

The rimfire Glock G44 has a whole lot going for it. Glock pitched it as a pistol for just about everyone. New shooters, competition shooters, and every other kind of shooter can get use out of its fantastic size and features.


Perhaps the coolest thing we can hype about the G44 is its hybrid slide. This steel-polymer attachment has the innovative ability to adapt to your hands, thanks to the backstraps.

It features an identical profile to the G19, which was already a crowd pleaser. The 4.02-inch barrel and 5.04-inch height make it the perfect size to conceal carry, tote on the trail, and hang around the ranch.

Not to mention, it fits in most of the same G19 holsters, so if you already have one, you’re all set. If you don’t already have one, they’re plentiful and easy to find.


Despite the fact that it looks the same as the G19, the G44 features a smaller, single-stack, 10-round capacity and weighs only 30 ounces. The magazine is significantly smaller than the 15-shot G19, but it weighs only a fraction of what the G19 magazine does.

While other manufacturers produce 22LR plinkers that house up to 33 rounds, the Glock magazine fits so smoothly that there’s almost no way it can fail to feed correctly. It’s crafted so efficiently that you’ll be more than happy to give up the capacity for the performance.

The single-stack magazine is comparable to what you’ve likely already seen on the Browning Buckmark, Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory, and the Ruger Mark IV series.

While it’s very similar to every other Glock, the fluted chamber and hybrid polymer-steel slide are different from any other.

The G44 features polymer front post sights with a U-notch rear sight. They’re also compatible with standard sights, even though the rear sight is a bit different from standard factory sights from Glock.

It has a beveled magazine and groove-less grip, giving it a sleek appearance. Classic blowback action differentiates it from the rest of the Glock family, while the lack of a fixed barrel makes it different from the competitors.

The G44 is made in the United States in Glock facilities, unlike other manufacturers who license the name to pistol makers overseas. The frame, barrel, and slide have numerous proof marks indicating its Georgia place of birth.

The G44 comes in a regular Glock box with two magazines and a stack of backstraps, making it adaptable to many hand sizes and shapes.


The small cartridge design was originally marketed in the late 1800s as a black powder round. It was used for revolvers and rifles because the rimmed case made it hard for pistols to cycle. The assortment of loads on the market, all with different performance and specs, tend to compound the issue.

In addition, because these cartridges are manufactured in bulk as cheaply as possible, you get budget ammo that can be finicky in most other semi-automatic handguns. Glock built the G44 in 22 LR to fix that.

The G44 spent three years in development and testing. In fact, the G45-48 models beat it to market because it took so long. Glock used 141 rimfire loads to test and wasted 1.2 million rounds.

They used everything from 42-grain subsonic ammo to CCI Stringers to test, and didn’t stop until there were virtually no problems with any. Unlike other 22 LR pistols, the Glock will eat anything. It will also never jam.


In testing, the G44 goes the distance with just about any round from any manufacturer. It can chew through anything you feed it for hours at a time without a jam, misfire, or malfunction. Whether old, new, cheap, or premium, it shoots like a champ.

If you plan to use it frequently, you’ll enjoy the reduced price of many 22 LR boxes in the past few years. While you may experience the occasional jam, it happens at a rate of about 1 in 800. This will likely include a failure to eject or a failure to fire.


The 5.8-pound trigger pull is identical to that of the G19, and it’s easy to shoot to boot. The light, one-pound frame produces practically no recoil, and its steady accuracy and consistency makes it easy to acquire and keep your target.

You’ll enjoy consistency at 25 yards thanks to the trademark Glock Marksman barrel, featured on all Gen5 models. You can alternate right and left-hand shots with semi rapid fire and still not struggle to hit your target.

Thanks to superior handling, you’ll hit targets at up to 100 yards or more without too much trouble.


This pistol could be used for virtually anything. Being fun to shoot is just a plus. New shooters will enjoy its simplicity and easy handling. But its superior manufacturing makes it an ideal firearm for even the most experienced shooters.

It makes a great transition into carrying the identically sized but heftier G19 and is also perfect for those who already carry a G19. It offers a low-cost option for training and practice.

The G44 is also a great option for pest control or protection at the campsite. The fact that it fits a standard G19 holster and has an accessory rail makes it an obvious choice for most shooters.

You could even use it as a self-defense handgun with the right ammo. It’s great for someone who doesn’t like a lot of recoil.

The Verdict

With an affordable MSRP and discounts offered at retailers, the Glock G44 22 LR is perfect for, well, anyone. You can also get aftermarket sub-caliber kits that allow you to convert your standard Glock to a 22 LR for even less.

For those who are looking at a reliable and affordable 22 LR semi-auto, the G44 is perfect. It mimics the size and shape of the already familiar G19 to give you a smooth handling and shooting experience.

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