By: Teresa Mull

A new story from Politico tells a very unflattering, and likely illegal story about President Biden’s scandal-ridden son Hunter.

According to the report, Hunter’s dead brother’s widow, Hallie, whom Hunter was dating at the time, found a .38 revolver in her boyfriend’s car, and because of “suspicions she had,” she threw it in a trash can outside of a grocery store.

When Hunter found out what she had done, he told Hallie to go retrieve the gun. She tried to, but the gun was gone when she returned. The FBI and the Delaware State Police then got involved.

According to Politico,

At one point, two of [the grocery store’s] employees, described by the police report as “Mexican males,” walked past the loading dock area, and Hunter told a police officer that the store had some suspicious people working for it. Asked if he was referring to those two staffers, Hunter responded, “Yea, prolly illegal,” according to the report.

When a police officer asked Hunter whether the gun had been used in a crime, the officer reported that Hunter “became very agitated with me and asked me if I was intentionally trying to make him mad,” according to the report.

Two Secret Service agents visited the store where Hunter purchased the gun, but the store owner refused to hand over Hunter’s Firearms Transaction Record until the ATF arrived.

Now, the Secret Service is denying its involvement in the case, saying in a statement: “U.S. Secret Service records confirm that the agency did not provide protection to any member of the Biden family in 2018, and that the Secret Service had no involvement in this alleged incident.”

Similarly, the White House has said in a statement, “President Biden did not have any knowledge of, or involvement in, the Secret Service’s alleged role in this incident, and neither he nor any family member was a protectee at that time.”

The gun was later returned, according to reports, by an old man who often searches garbage for items to recycle.

A copy of Hunter’s background check form shows Hunter, who was discharged from the Navy for cocaine use, and whose drug, alcohol, and sex abuse is notorious and well-documented, answered “no” to the question, “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?”

If Hunter lied here, he’d have committed a felony, though no charges or arrests were filed or made in this ultra-shady incident.

Comment below on whether you think Hunter or Hallie will ever experience the consequences of the type of behavior that would undoubtedly land any of the rest of us in prison.

Teresa Mull ([email protected]) is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.

Photo By Center for Strategic & International Studies – Panel 3: Our Shared Opportunity: A Vision for Global Prosperity, CC BY 3.0,