Black Gun Owners Association Founder: ‘We Can Reduce Gun Violence through Education’

By: Teresa Mull

During this time of national unrest, some of which is stemming from riots over race, GPM caught up with Derrick Morgan, Founder of Black Gun Owners Association (BGOA).

Find out what BGOA is all about:

GPM: What is the mission of the Black Gun Owners Association?

Morgan: Our mission would be to provide as many resources as possible to gun owners in the form insurance, education, firearms safety, and training.

GPM: What stigmas do you face as an organization, especially in times such as these, when race riots are rampant nationwide?

Morgan: I would say the stigma we face as an organization would be similar to the stigma black gun owners deal with in society every day, which would be the unfair criminalization of black gun owners. Some think we, as black gun owners, want to own a firearm to commit a crime, when in fact we also have a right to defend our homes, enjoy the sport of hunting and shooting and the comradery of belonging to a gun club.

GPM: What do you want the public to know about black gun ownership?

Morgan: We feel as an organization we can change how black gun owners are perceived, but some will always see it as threatening.

GPM: Why is being armed a right you value as a minority?

Morgan: I think with the riots happening, people are seeing the importance of gun ownership as law enforcement in some areas are unable able to respond to calls, citizens are left to become their own first-responders, and this is why proper training is more important now than ever.

GPM: What should black Americans know about your group if they want to get involved and learn more about gun ownership?

Morgan: Being armed as a minority is a form of self-preservation. It’s essential to our existence; any unarmed people are subject to different forms of oppression and being armed will help preserve and maintain freedom.

Black Americans should know that we can reduce gun violence through education. It’s important for you to exercise your Second Amendment rights. It’s more important now than ever. The protests happening in society now shows us we have tons of allies that support our efforts. Don’t be afraid to seek out the purchase of a firearm, learn how to safely use and store it, and if you’re in need of training or services, we’re here to help you.

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