By: Teresa Mull

Joe Biden continues to make desperate calls for increased gun control, but it would seem his appeals are falling on deaf ears.

To mark the anniversary of the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, Biden pressed Congress to enact laws that make Americans less safe.

“Because of your leadership, we forged a broad coalition and enacted more than 20 executive orders,” Biden said regarding his time as vice-president under Barack Obama. “We came close to legislation, but we came up short. It was so darn frustrating.

“While demanding action from Congress, Biden said there are ‘three common-sense bills to reduce gun violence that the Senate should pass now,’” reports the Washington Post.

According to the Post, Biden’s doomed spending plans involves “doubling funding to gun violence prevention research and… a landmark $5 billion investment in community violence prevention and intervention programs.”

Yet what has the administration’s repeated calls for “action” accomplished?

Remember David Chipman, Biden’s pick to head the ATF, who said we should be arresting people BEFORE they commit crimes? His nomination crashed and burned. Or the gun control wish list Biden’s presented, that contains about every civilian disarmament policy imaginable?

The Reload founder Stephen Gutowski wrote in The Atlantic in September of this year:

The Democrats can’t get bare majorities to support their top gun priorities. They haven’t passed an assault-weapons ban since retaking the House in 2018. They’re unlikely to pass one or even bring it up for a vote before the 2022 midterms. And even if it passed the House, it wouldn’t pass the Senate.

The deadlock isn’t the result of the NRA paying off politicians to vote against the wishes of their constituents. It’s much simpler than that: Many people in this country own guns, and millions of them are dedicated voters. And they are what now stand in the way of new gun laws.

Indeed, a recent Gallup poll found the support for gun control among Americans has reached its lowest level since 2014. Each month seems to smash the previous month’s record for gun sales. And a new study has found a “15 percent rise in ownership among women over last 5 years.”

People get it: more guns mean more means by which to protect one’s own life and property, and those of their loved ones.

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Teresa Mull ( is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.