By: Teresa Mull

As a lawsuit to determine one company’s ability to publish 3-D gun designs online looms in Washington State court, has removed a book explaining how to print a 3-D gun.

“‘The Liberator Code Book: An Exercise in the Freedom of Speech,’ appeared on Amazon’s website on August 1,” reports. “The company said it dropped the $20 book on Wednesday because it violated Amazon’s content guidelines, but it would not offer further details.

“‘Code is speech,’ the apparent author, ‘CJ Awelow,’ wrote in a brief description on Amazon, echoing the legal argument made by the organization behind the code. ‘Proceeds will be used to fight for free speech and the right to bear arms.’”

A U.S district judge is expected to decide the fate of Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed’s right to publish 3-D gun designs online any day now.

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Photo Credit: Shutterstock